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Purpose of the test

Clinical Study for Genetic Cancer Screening.

Why take the hereditary cancer (CGX) test

Because early detection of cancer saves lives!

Why test for cancer risk

The risk for cancer is significantly increased with a Genetic Mutation

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This is how it all works.

Order your free kit

Simply fill out the "Order your kit here" button above. We will call you to arrange the shipment of the Medicare Covered Benefit "Plan B" easy self-swab test directly to you.

Follow the simple steps provided with your kit

Swab the inside of each cheek with the 2  provided swab kits and place the sample into the pre-paid shipping bag. Sign the requisition form and put everything in your mailbox or the Post Office

Wait for your results

The lab will test your sample for different types of cancers or pre-cancers. A genetic screening counselor will call to explain the results to you.

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